Our Brands

Essen Multipack Ltd 
- Manufacturer and exporter of Polyethylene Film for packaging including Wide Width Film, Foam Film, Esstron sheet, Shrink Film and Pallet Hooding Film, Vacuum Bag, Cotton Bale Bag, Lamination Film, UV Stabilized Film For Poly houses, pond / canal ining film and mulch film.

Netafim Multipack Ltd - Netafim Greenhouse designs and produces greenhouse structures. Improving products continually, by applying data and experience accumulated from working with global experienced greenhouse farmers.

The greenhouse concept design is based on the demands and requirements of the crop, grower and production technologies. Netafim Greenhouses are highly rated in the greenhouse market and are considered to be of high quality. Quality management standard ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Available in various design applications: section sizes, glass widths, and all models come equipped with aluminum or steel gutters complete with condensation gutters application.

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